Event Managements

We at purple thinks as every event is a Special occasion for someone, May it be Corporate or private affairs,
We Believe in giving best of the services what we can offer at best market Price and Events should bring Joy & Happiness in the face of Clients.


Corporate Events

Corporate event management is the practice of incorporating business logic into labelling events, communicating events and handling events.
Events are created, prioritized, and managed professional Event managers who often have no inkling of business priorities and concerns; corporate event management takes a different slant on traditional event management.
As such, business event management requires a profound interaction and cooperation among the corporates, So we at Purple feel it's your Day and We make it special for you.


Birthday Parties

Birthday parties for kids are fun always and a destination to be around. Children of all ages come together to have lots of fun, which is a site to behold. The pure hearts of innocence and friendship touch one another, as it also touches our hearts. For bigger celebrations, you need organizers and planners, who will need to light up your child's special day with innovative ideas and creative minds.

Product Launches

This is very special day for Any company where The debut of a product into the market.
The product launch signifies the point at which consumers first have access to a new product and product launches are very required in today's competitive world,
Where this will self-explain the clients the products specifications, pricing and Benefits as swell.


Fashion Shows

Purple says It Beauty on Earth is when Beautiful girls and Boys walk the ramp with Their Heads up wearing Designer wears; it's not easy as we see waking on ramp is a Lot of patience and Training,
We believe to Make your stage , Lights and Music Most special One we are the one who can give the best In the Industry.


Gala Pro-sound / Lights and DJS Parties

The most important thing for any Events may it be Outdoor, Indoor, May it be Corporate or Private parties, It's the sound, Light and Music, We at purple have best of the above Three with DJS to make your smiles valuable and and Make your Time is precious,
To experience Incredible sound, lights and Music Come join us and Allow us to show Case our Best in the Industry.


Award Functions

Every Recognition is a Award and Every award is a Recognition , This is the Tribute Paid to an Individual or an Organisation for Excelling in whatever work They have Done, And award makes everyone Boost your Energy to Still achieve More and To bring every one The never to die kind of Attitude,
We at purple Believe to Be with you at your Happiest Moment is Our Pleasure and we will be Proud to Join you and Host the event.


Mall Activities

We at Purple Production take the complete responsibility of organizing your events at the malls and making sure that everything goes smooth. We organize everything from the stage to the presentation to fulfilling the objective of your event. Be sure of Satisfaction on hiring The Best Event Planner like us.


Exhibitions / Stalls

Any company to show case their Beauty of Product what they have They showcase it in a very unique manner That's where a Beautifully Designed stall is Required and We at Purple know your Requirement's and Understand Customers Taste,
The Job given to us is out of Tensions for you as our Team makes sure we give you the best Design with Best colour combination for your Valued customers.


Road Shows

Road show events may attract hundreds of prospective buyers interested in learning more about the offering. The events may include multimedia presentations and question-and-answer sessions with several of the company's Employees present. In addition to the larger road show events, Businesses must travel and meet with potential investors, partners and customers to gain their support.
Road shows usually include a very high level version of the company's business plan, including the background of the company, experience of the management team, product features, analysis of the competitive landscape, and expected results. The presentation is referred to as a road show. And we at Purple always wants to get associated with your New Ideas and Innovations.


School and College Annual/ Sports Day

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Wedding Events

The most important part of beginning of new Life is Marriage that's the Bond between Bride and Groom and starts a new Life together as husband and wife, It's the Most Beautiful era of life For a Man and women where the Flower of happiness begins,
We at purple make your Journey much more happier with our Varieties of Designs of stages, Apart will support you In venue selection, Card Designing, Food menu selections and much more Required for a Happy Marriage.


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